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welcome to my site ! i got tired of everything being determined by algorithms so i moved here . this site also serves as a creative outlet ! i'm a total html noob so my page is essentially a frankenstein's monster held together with hot glue and prayers. unfortunately having a moment to sit down is a rare pleasure in my life so this page is still a wip. please enjoy and have fun browsing :]

updates !

28/11/2022 added "about me" section

10/07/22 made the home page !

07/07/22 - added a placeholder "under construction" sign

05/07/22 - created this site!

about me

my name's mari (she/they) and im an 18 yr old artist/amateur guitarist/stoner/bisexual who has too many interests . my main ones at the moment are jerma985, old videogames, red dwarf, the beatles, and retro tech. i firmly believe that digital piracy is an essential skill for any websurfer!

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